Monday, 18 April 2011

Remotely & Secretly auditing a PC (without user intervention)

Entering WMIC as domain administrator
  1. From Start -- Run "runas /domain\user cmd"
  2. You'll be shown a new command prompt window - now you are ready to use the WMIC   
  3. "Windows Command Line Interface" 

Pulling installed software, name and versions from Remote PC's
  1. To list software installed on a remote machine use the following syntax
wmic /node"PCNAME"  product get name, version, vendor >c:\somename.csv

Or you can pipe to .txt file for easier import into xls.

You will be shown the list of software installed on a PC & their versions: ie: and this will be piped to your c drive

 Remote audit with a pipe out to c:\

The output file

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